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Francis Marion was born in 1732 at Goatfield Plantation in the Cordesville area of Berkeley County. Hunting and fishing the swamps from the Pee Dee to the Santee River as a young boy served him well in later years. As a Brigadier General in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, Marion led forays against British patrols and outposts. Striking the British army with incredible swiftness, then vanishing ghost-like back into the swamps, General Marion earned the nickname “Swamp Fox”.

In 1782, when the British left Charleston, he returned to his Pond Bluff plantation near Eutaw Springs and found it in ruins. General Marion re-established his plantation, served in the South Carolina state senate (1782-90) and settled down to a life of a gentleman farmer. Francis Marion died on February 27, 1795 at Pond Bluff. He is buried at his brother’s Belle Isle plantation where his grave and monument can be viewed today.