2006 Middleburg Plantation

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Middleburg, built about 1699 by Benjamin Simons, a French Huguenot planter, is a splendid example of a transitional two-story frame plantation house located on the east branch of the Cooper River approximately two miles southwest of Huger, SC. Possibly the oldest existing wooden house in South Carolina, Middleburg’s single file of three rooms permit cross – ventilation with shading piazzas on both sides, the same basic plan as later 18th century Charleston Single houses.

A letter still in the possession of Simons descendants announces the completion of the main house in time for the birth of his fourth child, Francis, on December 7, 1697.

Approached through an avenue of oaks, the exterior is a picture of simplicity with clap­boarded walls, a hipped roof and two chimneys. The windows are nine over nine lights with ground floor exterior shutters. The two entrance doors are battened and still retain their original hardware. Middleburg appears to have remained virtually unaltered since the end of the end of the 18th century. In addition to the architectural character of the house, the approximately 400 acres surrounding the house, brick commissary and a frame jigsaw detailed carriage house provide a true “low­ country” plantation environment.

Privately owned, Middleburg was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. Since that time, a complete restoration of the house has been accomplished including stabilization and restoration of the outbuildings and land which are on­going.