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Founded in June 1680 by Edward and Sarah Middleton by a warrant for 1,630 acres, the first house on the property was constructed of brick between 1686 and 1714. The home and property was owned by the Middleton family until1797.

During the Middleton’s ownership, the property was used during the American Revolution by both American and British forces. The Oaks played an instrumental role as a staging ground for the Battle of Biggins Bridge, the decisive battle leading to the fall of Charleston. It was the home of Henry Middleton, President of the First Continental Congress, and death place of Arthur Middleton, signer of the Declaration of Independence.

In the mid-1800s, the Oaks became the home of Isaiah and Rebecca Moses, one of the first Jewish families in South Carolina and the country to own a plantation. They worked as many as 50 slaves on the property and installed a brickyard. The original house burned during their ownership in 1840, but was reconstructed.

During the Civil War, the house and grounds were used as a camp by the 35th Regiment of the USCT.

In 1889 when the great Charleston earthquake struck, the Moses reconstruction was severely damaged. Lacking capital after the end of the war, it was necessary to sell the Plantation rather than rebuild. Edward Parsons of New York purchased the Oaks and construction was begun on the present house.

The Oaks was to become one of the very first plantations to be restored after the Civil War. Ernest Flagg of New York. with Walter Chambers as a consulting architect, designed the home. The house was remodeled in 1932 after its purchase by Charles and Pauline Sabine. The columns were removed from the front of the he to change its appearance and make it look more like a New York Brownstone.

Harold Mims, Jr. purchased the house in 1964. Under his ownership, the Oaks has operated as a country club for over 40 years. In February 2008, the house at the Oaks burned once again. Reconstruction and restoration of the house and property are currently underway.