ExtraA little bit about us – Berkeley Citizens Inc. began with FAMILY

In 1980, a group of Berkeley County parents of children with a variety of disabilities and developmental delays organized a pre-school center in a local church basement to provide the best training and supports possible for their children. The Mary K Center for Special Children opened with an enrollment of 21 preschoolers.

BCI now provides services to more than 200 children, teens and adults in Berkeley County with a staff of 250 employees.

Our board of directors and staff are people with family members who have disabilities, as well as individuals focused on providing the best possible services for people with disabilities.

Our executive director, Holly Frye, has been with the agency more than 18 years, providing proven, consistent leadership.

The agency has grown since 1980, and although there is no cure for intellectual developmental disabilities, we continue to believe that there is hope for those who have a disability and their families that they can live a life with accomplishments and success when supported by organizations like ours.