1:1 – Ratio of one staff with one client

ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act

ADL – Activities of Daily Living

APP – Applied Positive Programming – A training technique that uses a positive approach to teach skills.

BCI – Berkeley Citizens, Inc.

BI – Berkeley Industries – Day program providing work opportunities and daily living activities for adults.

BSP – Behavior Support Plan

CTH I – Community Training Homes I – A family under contract with BCI who agrees to provide a home-like atmosphere and care for a non-related person with a disability.

CTH II – Community Training Homes II – A home in the community for three to four residents who need 24-hour care and supervision by agency staff seven days a week.

DDSN – Department of Disabilities and Special Needs – Same as SCDDSN

DHEC – Department of Health and Environmental Control

DOL – Department of Labor (Federal)

HASCI – Head and Spinal Cord Injury

ICF/ID – Intermediate Care Facilities for the Intellectually Disabled – A home for eight adult residents with a 24-hour shift staff.

ID – Intellectual Disability

ID/RD – Intellectually Disabled/Related Disabilities

IFSP – Individual Family Service Plan – A plan developed for children birth to 3 years that outlines the actions necessary to address weaknesses.

P & A – Protection and Advocacy

PCP – Person Centered Planning – Designing a service plan using a team approach of family, friends, peers, staff, etc., based on the abilities, desires and goals of the individual and encouraging choice in how needs are met.

POS – Plan of Service – The results of the annual plan meeting that outlines the service needs of the consumer.

QDIP – Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional

SCDDSN – South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs – State agency that contracts with BCI to serve clients.